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Your Reality and Reality

Your Reality and Reality Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, you are a great ray of light. You are much more than the body and personality that you identify with in this time and space. You are the splendor that lights the morning sky. You are the cloud that passes in the vast blue sky. You are the power of the wave that breaks on the shore, and you are the brilliance of the light that plays on the ocean. You are the beauty of the tiniest Alpine flower and the tallest tree. There is nothing outside of you. Everything that you behold is within your consciousness. This is your reality drawn from your reality.

I would speak with you now about what you have called the future. Many of you have asked, “What does the future hold?” And know you well that you are in the midst of what has been called the future. It is not something in the days to come. It is the days that you are living right now, for changes are happening.