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Expectation and Expression

Expectation and Expression Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, some time ago, as you measure time in this dimension, we spoke about the ocean of being and how you draw your energy as if you are a wave coming off the ocean. You draw your energy from what is perceived as the allness of you. This is even truer than what you can perceive in this point of focus, because you are truly never separate even when the wave diminishes on the shore. The energy still is vibrant; it is never lost. Even when you get to the place where you acquiesce to lay down the body, decease the body, your energy is still there, always going forward and always allowing you to be.

Form is to play with, but form is not all that you are. Energy activates the form and brings into being what you want to express. You never lose what you are, even when you allow the form to return as the original energy in the ocean. You never lose the opportunity to take form