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Benevolent Outcomes

Benevolent Outcomes Tom T. Moore

Karin writes: I have been requesting MBOs for my daughters, who have both had better days. They both have stressful jobs and do not always get recognized. I let them know that I send MBOs their way, and they are grateful. It has been working, and I can’t believe how powerful they are.

Kristina writes: 0 At the end of last summer, my young daughter and I went to eat outside at a café. Bees were bothering us, so we moved to another table. The bees followed us and bothered us at that table. We moved again, and the bees bothered us again. I said aloud, “Angels, for the most benevolent outcome, please have these bees leave us alone so that we can enjoy our meal.” Immediately, the bees left us alone. It was amazing. My daughter was impressed too.