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Move into the New

Move into the New Various Beings through Blue Turtle

Mahatma Gandhi: Beloved children of God, you are striving passionately and deliberately to create a new world based on full equality and freedom. Within the literal confines of containment, you have found the purpose and opportunity to reveal the suffering, heartache, and devastation of systemic racism, and you now protest for systemic change.

The pandemic, with its revelation of inferior health care and quality of life for black and brown people, propelled you to confront and transform the abundant inequities in the world. Being pushed to the limits for months to protect others and yourselves from catching the virus, you were called to protest peacefully and work for true equality for all. Present within yourselves, you awakened to the acute and sustained efforts to bring about fruitful and joyous social justice. You were even pushed to the brink of economic disaster as you saved one another from getting sick through your combined compassionate efforts.

Know how you were born to this moment in history. You and your family chose to be born in this lifetime and to participate in this extraordinary, challenging, and revolutionary time. You took the opportunity to create goodness and fairness in the midst of this global health and economic crisis. You have all been called to serve in your greatest capacities to bring forth peace, unity, care, justice, and equality. There is no turning back. The world has spoken and cannot go on in the old ways of oppression and violence.