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Miracles Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, you have asked me to speak of miracles. You have asked for miracles. You have said, “This tiny thing [the coronavirus] that has come to us, I’d like to see the miracle of it being put aside — not necessarily destroyed, but put into a proper place where it is not going to (as you understand it) harm the body.” You have asked for people to get busy working to find something that will activate the body to fight this little thing that seems to come from a foreign space.

Throughout what you see history to be, you have periodically brought about certain illnesses or diseases that, in your belief system, attack the body. In truth, nothing can attack you, the being that you are, because you are beyond the body. You have heard those who have said that they would allow their bodies to be deactivated so that they could come back again having formed a new body.

In two to three years’ time, you will see a great population explosion. Those who left said, “I want to reenergize, and then I want to come back and play. The lifetime I have just finished had its good points. It had its points of love, where I came together with someone whose light I could see, as that one could see the light that I am; but it was not in fullness. I want to know the fullness of light.” They said, “I will allow the form to go, and I will come back again.”