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Benevolent Outcomes: Success on Life’s Journeys

Benevolent Outcomes: Success on Life’s Journeys Tom T. Moore

Tom writes: I recently requested a number of most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) before and during a trip to Denver to be interviewed by Regina Meredith for her show Open Minds on Gaia TV (a streaming service with 500,000 subscribers). I was interviewed about my Atlantis and Lemuria book.

I requested multiple MBOs for the drive to the airport, the check-in, TSA screening, and flight to Denver. Everything worked out as well as could be expected. The TSA screening line had only one other person in it. The line to buy a sandwich at TGI Fridays had only three people ahead of me, and boarding my flight was easy. The plane was packed, as they had canceled the later flight and put us all together on the earlier one, but I had a window seat at the front of the plane.

Just as our plane came to a stop at the gate in Denver, my limo driver was calling me. We met up quickly with his detailed instructions. The trip from the airport to the St. Julien Hotel (the only hotel open in Boulder) is just under 50 miles. It was an easy check-in, and they upgraded me to a mountain-facing room. A little later, I had a great conversation with my long-time friend Cyd in the hotel lobby (with both of us wearing masks).