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5D Vibration versus 5D Location

5D Vibration versus 5D Location The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

The fifth dimension is often described as a vibration, a state of being, or a feeling of peace and joy anchored in the physical body. From this place, individual consciousness grids (humans) can manifest their realities within the laws of the material plane. They are still subject to the influences of the human collective.

Sadly, the earth grid was corrupted by those attempting to control humanity. As a result, we experienced death and recycled through birth, death, and reincarnation on a closed karmic wheel. We were unable to ascend organically into higher realms of experience as per the original design. The fourth dimension is time, and the fifth dimension is location. Is the fifth dimension an actual place or a state of being?

Ascension requires more than raising vibration, and it has long been realized in the higher realms that the fifth dimension is not accessible on Earth. Dimensions five through nine are currently sealed off due to galactic conflicts. You cannot rise vibrationally from the third dimension through the fourth corridor to arrive on a fifth-dimensional planet. DNA must become fully activated in order to release the phase-locking placed on the human template and the twelve-by-twelve Christos lightbody used to exit the earth grid for travel to a new, 5D location in space-time.