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Stand in the Greatest Power of the Universe

Stand in the Greatest Power of the Universe Mahatma Gandhi through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of God, goodness is being created in the world by so many of you who commit to God and the highest good. You can feel the joy and abundance coming forth as you gather in unity to meet the dark forces that still seek to cripple, crush, and imprison you.

When you come together in such devotion and commitment to the greatest good, you are part of the most powerful energy in the universe. You radiate with the unconditional love and light that you are a vital part of and that works through you.

As you press on the lies and distortion of the powers that be for truth and integrity, you find they continue to mask, hide, and deny any corruption or deception. They may even attack you directly, in retaliation, as evil and evasive when they are the ones committing such acts.