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The Wall

The Wall Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, beloved friend, the word “friend” is a derivation of another word that means “equal.” You are equal to me. Now, I know that your holy fathers have said, “Well, that cannot be. One Yeshu’a — one Jeshua, one Jesus — spent some time with you teaching you” (in truth, I did not teach; I called forth what you already knew) “and then he allowed the body to be finished. There was a most beautiful light, and he ascended into heaven. He is apart from and above you, sitting at the right hand of God in heaven.”

Now, I speak with you about heaven because heaven is not up there any more than it is below. I know that your holy fathers have said to you, “You’d better listen to the words we speak. If you do what all the well-versed teachers tell you, you will go to heaven; you will ascend. Woe unto you if you descend, because there is the fiery pit that will burn off all the refuse to make you light again.”

In truth, there is nowhere you can go that is apart from what and where and who you are right now. Ones who have released the body find themselves awakening; they are still alive. They still know existence. They still know. Now, hear this well: They hear you much better after they release the body than they did when in the body and focused on something they wanted to tell, think about, or be engrossed in. When they have no body to drag around, they are very much in the allness of spirit.