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Focus on the Love Within

Focus on the Love Within Council of Transition through Takeli MMagdalen

Greetings, beloved hearts. I am Mufa, speaking for the Council of Transition. We understand that your world is changing before you and that this is cause for some concern. It stems from long ago when two worlds of conscious thought collided and the outcome was devastating for all.

You have replayed this process on your planet in many forms to ensure a different outcome when the final journey takes place. You have sensed this moment approaching, and you are concerned, at the deepest part of yourselves, that the outcome will be terrible. We are here, in full force of love, to assure you that this cannot happen again — not on your world or others.

There are processes at work on a grand scale of magnificent love allowing for the gradual evolution of the mass consciousness on your planet, as there is elsewhere throughout your galaxy and well beyond. Humanity, for the most part, has lost the interconnectedness of the essential lights of the planet (often spoken of as Gaia or Mother Earth), the sun stars (including your Sun), and all forms of life everywhere.