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Benevolent Outcomes: Reduce Stress by Requesting Assistance

Benevolent Outcomes: Reduce Stress by Requesting Assistance Tom T. Moore

Are you tired of the extra stress in your life or fearful of your future? Consider experimenting with MBOs and BPs. About twenty years ago, I started experimenting after I had not found a modality that worked, and this one worked perfectly. Don’t take my word for it; read these stories from people who have had success.

For Smooth Transitions

Larry writes: I had an old TV suspended from the ceiling in my bedroom. I acquired an updated TV and went to change it out. When I tried to reuse the screws from the first TV, I discovered they didn’t fit, so I scrambled to find the right-sized screws. It was late Sunday night, and the hardware store was already closed, so I looked through the assorted screws that I had. After fifteen frustrating minutes, I was ready to put the old TV back and wait until the next day, when I could get new screws. Then I decided to request an MBO to find the right screws. The next drawer I checked contained three screws that were the perfect size! I was able to install the new TV, and I enjoyed watching it that night before going to sleep. I was frustrated and about to give up the search until I remembered to request an MBO!