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Essences of Nature: The Big Picture

Essences of Nature: The Big Picture Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

How often do we worry and wonder about how we landed where we are? We take inventory of choices made and not made, and sometimes we feel slighted by our decisions. Much of the time, we regret what we should have done, could have said, or would have acted on if we had known what we know now. Sometimes we make peace with our choices, and sometimes we don’t.

We might want to step back and take a look at where our choices have truly led us. We might live in a country far from our birthplace. We might have children we adore who we didn’t anticipate. We might have friends and alliances we never imagined. We are stretched, broken, blistered, branded, betrayed, mended, created, rejuvenated, and restored. How do we step outside ourselves and see the bigger picture?

To Alleviate Cynicism

Baby-blue-eyes essence is our cynicism essence. This is the “we think we know it all” essence. We think we’ve been “there” and done “that,” and there is nothing anyone can say or share with us that we haven’t already thought of. There is nothing new under the Sun. We have an expectation that everything we do or anyone we meet will disappoint us, and we are proven correct. So why mess with the success of our expectations? How are we to be proven differently?