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Essences of Nature: Start Making Sense

Essences of Nature: Start Making Sense Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We want to make sense of our world. There is so much nonsense. We like the mystery but want to solve it. It’s how we order our personal universe. What do we do when the answers aren’t adequate or even relevant? How do we find the right questions and hear the right answers?

We continue to seek solutions to the mysteries of the universe, and we question what, where, and how we are going to be next. If you are reading this, you likely have questions and interests outside the realm of so-called normal curiosity. We are curious. We want to know, but sometimes we aren’t even aware of what it is we don’t know. How do we make sense of what we are sensing?

Aspen for Seeing the Path Forward

Aspen essence is used when we can’t see around the corner but know something is there. It addresses our fear and apprehension. The aspen’s leaves literally quake at the slightest breeze, reacting to subtle changes in climate, atmosphere, and temperament.

Aspen essence reminds us to take steps toward our futures and to have confidence in our foundations. We might not know where we are going, but with this essence, we have a better sense of support as we walk our paths. Aspen specifically works to heal our fear of inner darkness and bring to light all that lurks below the surface even before it consciously registers. Aspen essence helps us make sense by developing a level of trust in our intuitive abilities.