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Earnestly Take Part in Global Healing

Earnestly Take Part in Global Healing Michel through David Reid Lowell

Welcome to all. It’s so good to be in union with all our friends who have gathered with us. When we use the word “we,” we are referring to the union of energies and awarenesses shared between the physical and nonphysical. We are also referring to the complexities of our nonphysical nature, which is composed of a collective beingness that acts as one: we, the Michel. Within this dimensional framework, we are all one — a collective yet also a singularity with our designation and identity.

Each channel has a specific connection to the nonphysical. No two are alike, and no two link to others. The union, which happens on the plane of soul transference, is where one soul goes out and the other comes in, rather like tuning into a radio station. Oftentimes, and in our case, the union fuses during an out-of-body experience (induced by a severe head injury, for example), a near-death experience, or more precisely, a death experience. During such times, there is a reworking of the neuro-network and synaptic systems to allow a specific transference to occur. This merger is about the work and continuity of life.

The physical has a much harder time with the energies, especially as the body ages, because this unique dynamic opens people empathically, and they become much more acutely aware of the energies within their environments and also more sensitive to the vibration, thoughts, feelings, and emotions of others. Oftentimes it becomes difficult for them to separate their feelings from what they take on from others, so again, as they age, they often seek places of sanctuary, calm, and isolation.