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The Blessings and Challenges of Your Growing Awareness

The Blessings and Challenges of Your Growing Awareness Mother of Light through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of light, you have been exploring your deepest spiritual yearnings and needs as you move through summer toward the fall equinox. The light is slowly diminishing, and the Sun is moving southward. There is a quickening of cool wind and air approaching and circulating as the brilliant sky fades to dark.

Mother Earth is feeling quite full in her belly as her harvest bursts forth in succession. She is fulfilled by the lush abundance that has grown from her. She is so pleased to be thriving and radiating, as all her children are also. Her smile moves across her with effervescence.

As you work with Mother Earth in your gardens with holy communion, be present and take the time to be one with your endeavors and activities. Use your time exactly as you need to make it beneficial and flourishing. Do not embark on this venture attuned to any clock but your natural rhythm.