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Expand Your Life, and Own Your Choices

Expand Your Life, and Own Your Choices Michel through David Reid Lowell

You go through things in your life that seem insurmountable. At the time and maybe for some time afterward, they take you sideways. Then you realize that your life is actually better, and one of the reasons is the changes you made. We, Michel, will touch on many things during this channeling. These touchstones are meant to help you gain personal insight. All energy is vibrational. We reaffirm to you that you do not draw to you or attract to you; the universe doesn’t work on a reward system. It only knows existence and expansion.

There are narcissists, and through the recent uptick (your word) in technology, the world is becoming increasingly self-oriented. On the surface, narcissists can seem charming, intelligent, and caring, and they know how to entice and lure their way into your life over and over again. They can be male or female; this is non–gender specific.

Their motto will always be “Me first!” It is not that they come to this through deliberate thought, as it might be a matter of instinct for them. It might be how they have learned to survive. As those individuals reach adulthood, they become very powerfully motivated children within adult bodies who are self-validating and emotion-free. Everything is all about them. They like you to come to them, and they fit you into their schedules.