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After Gaul, Britannia

After Gaul, Britannia Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, I have been relating how I remember my life 2,000 years ago. We spoke of after the resurrection and moving across the sea in one of Joseph of Arimathea's sailing ships as well as how we were blown off course for the adventure of it. The question came up, "Why did I not change everything and make it smooth sailing?" Well, it was more fun to have a bit of adventure. Mariam, Benjamin, Sarah, and I we were out for the adventure. We knew that there is nothing that can hold you back. We knew that there is truly nothing that threatens the body, so we were quite enthusiastic about the adventure that we were having, and we let the winds do what they would do.

We let our sailing mates, the sailors who were in charge of the ship, do what they needed to do. When we were blown off course and they did not get into the seaport to get the supplies that they had planned on, there was great consternation and great questioning as to what they would do. Would there be enough rations to get us to the next seaport? And so I had opportunity to speak to ones who were open to it and say to them, "You create whatever you are experiencing. If you want the foodstuff, hold out your hand and expect." Now, that is the important part of it. Expect that the food, the bread, the manna, will be there.

Some of them tried it, and nothing appeared. They said, "Oh, fool that he is." Others said, "I'm really hungry. I'd really like to see some bread, some foodstuff." And in that instant — because they believed and had enough motivation — the bread appeared. When the other sailors saw that some of their friends could do it, they said, "Well, maybe I can do it as well." They held out their hands and they prayed and they prayed and they prayed, and when they looked, it was still empty.