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No One Is the Alien

No One Is the Alien Mother of Light through Blue Turtle

My beloved children of light, I continue to hold you close to me in divine protection and care as the universe and Mother Earth move through monumental changes. Seismic shifts within the molten core of Mother Earth are responding to the solar flares and cosmic winds of activity within the ongoing creation. Dolphins and whales are crying out to understand why desperate people are attempting to control communications and take disastrous actions that are essentially detrimental to all life on Mother Earth — including them — in their upset desperation to hold power.

The balance has shifted in favor of the healing, positive energy resonating throughout the world with increased power and vitality. People in power in all walks of life are being singled out for their appalling negative attitudes and behaviors that have come into public view. All of you are demanding that morality and ethics be practiced in daily life within your governments and businesses. No more can you tolerate bias, hatred, and downright meanness with no respect or integrity.

Women around the globe are standing up to bigotry, discrimination, and outright violation of their persons and capabilities. Girls and women will no longer allow their boyfriends and husbands to treat them as property with no personhood. They are demanding fair treatment and wages for their hard work. United across Mother Earth, they are powerfully shaking up the patriarchal status quo in cultures and religions where men have been dominant and suppressing them. Women are no longer accepting being treated as second-class citizens who cannot realize their potential.