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Essences of Nature: Continuing Education - Learning is Growing

Essences of Nature: Continuing Education - Learning is Growing Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

This is the time of year when many of us go back to school or recommit to a pending project. It is often a time of renewal. We renew our resolve. We look to see what we have accomplished and what we are harvesting. We look to what is creating value and what is not working as well as it can. Most of all, we look to who we are and how we are. I like to think of this time of year rather than the spring as getting serious about what you wish to create.

Learning is growing, and growing is learning. How much credit do we give ourselves for our level of ability and accomplishment? Are we continuing to strive and raise the bar for ourselves? We are seekers by nature. The question is: Is the seeking a destination or a journey? Do we seek because we can, or do we seek because we are following an inner imperative of growth? What stifles and stymies us? What motivates us? What is meaningful for us? What do we need to continue to grow and grow to continue?

Gentian Essence Gets Us Past Our Disappointments

Gentian essence helps us to overcome disappointment and not give up. We all stumble and fumble along, but sometimes there are too many potholes and speed bumps. We can also trick ourselves into questioning whether the goal is really worth it if the circumstances prove to be chaotic and challenging. We lose the rhythm of our momentum and start to believe that we can’t rather than we can.