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Your Life Is within This Moment

Your Life Is within This Moment Michel through David Reid Lowell

Your Life Is within This Michel, I struggle with linking myself. Can you just talk with me?

Of course. We will pleasingly share with you. You know you are not alone in this. Ah, yes, indeed. Alone? No, not at all. Many search for meaning and purpose, but all the time they are searching they are forgetting they are living. Your life happens now, within this moment. No one moment is untouched by any other moment, for all things are linked in oneness, in awareness, consciously or unconsciously. When you look, seek, and turn your eyes onward to so many things, you lose the ability to focus on the power you have within your here and now.

The Importance of Awareness

Be aware of your own feelings. Try to understand your reaction to things. Be nondefensive and gentle with yourself. You can have a calmer, more successful, and happy life. Give yourself permission to fail, to falter, and to not be perfect. Subsequently give yourself permission to try again, succeed, and be proud of your accomplishments.

When you hold on too tightly, you squeeze the time from your moment, holding it, repressing it, and restricting its expression and freedom. Open your hands, breathe, trust, and allow yourself to flow within the moment. Pain, the pain of wanting, is confusing to the self and your own awareness of who you are. But pain is a sign of change — the potential for growth, insight, and renewal.