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Take Charge of Your World Together

Take Charge of Your World Together Mother of Light through Blue Turtle

My blessed children, you may be feeling the collective consciousness of people around the world rising up to face and meet the challenges being exposed on Mother Earth. Many people continue to suffer at the hands of ruthless, uncaring people in positions of power who do not know how to act with compassion and insight for the common good.

Pay attention to the false rhetoric that abounds as competitive politicians vie for your votes in elections. From Egypt to the United States, you are realizing how your freedom and right to choose healthy representation is being manipulated and coerced in negative ways. Ask, “What are these politicians actually going to do for the welfare of all of us as they do not speak to the crucial issues of our time and only respond with inconsequential talk filled with false promises that get them elected?” Make sure you tell the candidates to address your real issues of concern for your quality of life, not absurd proposals that have no meaning for you and your loved ones.

As political changes occur and conventions are held, it is absolutely essential that you are all represented within the party frameworks. Demand that your voices are heard within the chambers of policy-making to head off further economic disasters. The current leaders in power in the world have no clue how to heal the global financial and business crisis. Many are stuck in stodgy, old ways of thinking, living in a world that does not include everyone succeeding.