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Shared Holograms

Shared Holograms Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, the changes that come in this year are ones that you have set in motion some time ago, in this lifetime and in previous lifetimes, because you have wanted to know the holy self of you. So whenever changes come, welcome them and say, “Okay, as the beholder, I stand back and I watch to see how this plays out.” Remark on that word; listen to that word: how this plays out — not “how this is going to trip me up,” but “how this plays out.” It is a play within a play within a play, and you have made great dramas. You have lived through many, many dramas that separated ego said would extinguish you. And yet here you are.

The Illusions of Reality

All of you are making your realities, your holograms. You are making your illusion that seems real, because you are creative. There is nothing wrong in making the holograms. They are not to be judged. You are proving to yourself that you are the creative one, so it is good as far as it goes.

As you will contemplate what you want to have in your hologram, in your reality, you will be surprised, for answers will come. People will come, as an answer perhaps to a question. And you will find that the pieces that you have thought to be far away and hard to find will come to you. You can trust that, because you are creating moment by moment the now moment, and each now moment is perfect in itself.