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Essences of Nature: The God Particle

Essences of Nature: The God Particle Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

The discovery of the God particle is in the news. This God particle discovery gives us a basic explanation and understanding of why objects have mass — their substance or structure — why humans and other energies have a right to exist, and how the fundamental particles interact with the elementary forces of nature. In other words, there is something greater than us who unifies all our energies into form, and now we have the scientific proof.

What holds us together? What are we comprised of? What energies have we integrated? What personal matrix or construction have we configured? What are we constructing with our energies? What energies are we continuing to create and re-create in ourselves? How are we unifying what we are with what we know and what we have yet to know? What is our God particle?

Angelica Essence for Angelic Guidance

Angelica essence is a beautiful essence for feeling the guidance and access to your angels, guides, and God within. This essence helps us create a living relationship with the angelic realm. Angelica essence connects us to the divine and the divine within. It establishes a feeling vocabulary with our spiritual nature.