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Remaining Balanced in the Millennium Shift

Remaining Balanced in the Millennium Shift The Brotherhood of Light through Edna Frankel

Greetings, dear readers, from the Brotherhood of Light. We gather to reach you and teach you today, whatever day your "today" may be. Amazing how fast time is flying by, isn't it? At the time of this writing, there are less than two years left before the incoming sacred energies peak and then plateau. We implore you to take it easy and slow down, dear ones. As time speeds up, you can counter the resulting chaos by focusing on one thing at a time and ignoring the drama around you. Go slow and steady, dear ones, to stay in balance.

You Are Now in the Crunch Time of the Shifting Process

One of the biggest internal challenges you face right now is fear of the unknown future coming soon. We hope to show you how to transform your fears into a new and higher focus, a focus on clearing out low-density energies at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual (PEMS) layers to make room for the higher-frequency energies coming in. The shift is first and foremost an energetic one.

We gently remind you that you are shifting now, dear hearts, and that you will continue to shift after December 21, 2012. It will take a few years for the fullness of the changes to complete their process. It may be frustrating for you to know that some people will have shifted before this date and many more will grow into their physical metamorphosis afterward. Remember, each will shift in his or her own time. No arbitrary rules exist for an event that has never happened before in recorded history!