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Essences of Nature: Trusting Our Truth

Essences of Nature: Trusting Our Truth Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We all know—or at very least have heard—about the value of body wisdom. We can feel it as a hunch, butterflies in the belly, a gut feeling, or a knowing. On the surface, we trust what our senses tell us about our surroundings, whether it is warm or cold or light or dark and whether it is pleasant or scary. We have a "feeling," and many of us rely on what we are feeling. We don't know how. We don't know why, but we listen.

At what point do we disconnect from what we know? At what point do we just stop listening to what our senses are telling us? When do we turn the corner from having intrinsic and gut-filled wisdom to not being able to trust our senses? How do we manage all we know and where we wish to go without the necessary tools? How do we begin to pay attention to our cues and clues?

Cerato Essence for the Courage to Take Action

Cerato essence is fundamentally an essence for anxiety—the anxiety of acting on what is important to us and the anxiety of trusting ourselves enough to move forward. Cerato essence is used when we don't have the personal courage to take action. We know what we need to do and we get all the best advice but we still can't make the choice to act. We don't know why and we end up beating ourselves up and missing opportunities because we cannot take the leap. We don't know how to ground our possibilities into realities.

Cerato essence trains us to trust our gut instincts and our personal abilities to discern information. We no longer have the need to ask a hundred different people for advice and end up having to sort through a hundred different answers. Cerato essence has a direct link to our hearts, and it has the ability to make a direct link to the wisdom of the heart. Cerato essence helps us to pay attention to our personal cues.