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Changelessness and the Appearance of Change

Changelessness and the Appearance of Change Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, when the media bring you news of fresh disasters, which they love to do, allow yourself to see the appearances; do not deny them, but look a little further. Ask how you can see things differently, understand what lies beyond what is immediately apparent, and discover a beneficial purpose. That is quite a challenge, and the answer will show you that there is much more to life than just the body and tangible goods.

The Bond of Love

You can feel the energy of loved ones around you. You can speak with loved ones, sense their presence, and know that they want to include you in their adventures. Wherever there is a bond of love, it is never broken.

When someone releases the body and moves on, love is still there. You live and move and have your being in the energy of love. The body is great for running in the meadow, riding a horse, or going to the top of the mountain to view the valley below. However, that is not all that life is about. Life is for loving. The more you allow yourself to love, the more love grows right up to the moment when you release your body. It is no big deal to let go of the body because you truly know that life is ongoing. The body is not the beginning and end. You can be as active as you choose and let the body go when you feel and know at the soul level that there is more to the adventure of love and light and life itself.