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Your Blueprint Is Vibrating You into Being

Your Blueprint Is Vibrating You into Being Ashira through Meredith Murphy

An extension of form into being is the intent of this first shift in your consciousness. Going forward, you will go far beyond this, but the doorway of outward orientation and moving form into being rather than doing is the first key to opening up your inner resources and becoming the inspired vessels emanating universal codes—which is your mission at this time.

Next, you will orient your being to the subtle shifts in feeling within yourself. Your feelings are powerful indicators of shifts in dimensions, and you must begin to attune yourself to these awarenesses and recognize them for what they are: multidimensional experiences. You are—as we and others have said many times before—alive in multiple realities simultaneously. For some, such as our vessel here, we are living the same focal point in simultaneous parallel lives that are now blended and merged.