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Essences of Nature: The Power of Starting Small

Essences of Nature: The Power of Starting Small Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

In our country (the United States), bigger is always seen as better. We want bigger houses; we want bigger salaries. We want bigger meals, and we want bigger toys. We want epic stories for our lives and our loves. We are a passionate people and we are a creative people, and that is what we do well: create bigger and better. We always want to take our dreams to the limit— so much so that we can lose track of the journey.

As ambitious and driving as we are, we don't often give ourselves any credit for taking the first step. We plant the seed, water it and then get impatient and scratch our heads when it hasn't sprouted yet. We ask: "Where is the fruit? I did my part! How come it isn't happening yet? There must be something wrong with me, it, or _____." We are so accustomed to doing and expecting big things that we tend to forget about the power of the idea, the first step, the seed and how it all begins. We forget that the best music can start in a garage, that the most exquisite painting begins with a drop of paint. We need to take the next small step in starting and beginning the process.