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Balance and Attunement Through the New Energy

Balance and Attunement Through the New Energy Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved ones, some of you recently were in a geographical location [California] where you participated in a grouping that opened a vortex of energy, a vortex of divine feminine harmonizing energy that you had closed eons ago. And yes, I do mean eons ago—it was even before that time that is thought of to be legendary, the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. The entire western coast, places where you dwell now and even farther inland, were part of Lemuria. But even before Lemuria was a now-gathering energy where some of you did dwell, even before that, there was intelligence and there were beings— those of you who came to understand energy.

In the beginning, the energy was pure. I have termed it the divine feminine, but in the beginning it was neutral energy, creative energy. Then after what in linear time you would call a passage of time, there was a thought to create something different. We will call that the masculine energy—and by masculine, I do not mean the gender, but the belief in something that would be opposite. First, it was just a thought to create: "What can we create that would be unlike what we already know, the pure energy?" With this thought, you as a grouping created masculine energy.