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The Repetition of Old Cycles Is at an End

The Repetition of Old Cycles Is at an End Alaenea of Cosmic Service through Wendy Rowley

Greetings, dearest beings of light, I am Alaenea of Cosmic Service, the Pleiadian Mother of Sound. In the times since Lemuria, there have been repeated cycles of energies. What was recorded on the human crystalline grid over the history of humankind stimulated these energies. These recordings, at the national and tribal level, are about the competition between men and women on Earth, and this competition is based in money, land, resources, power, and leadership. These are old primal energies of the lower three chakras of the human crystalline grid.

The human crystalline grid has chakras that are similar to the chakras in your human energy field. (This grid also has some soul chakras.) It has a system that relates to creation energies and evolution energies. This relates to the crystalline evolutionary enhancement grid. You can think of this grid as a go-between for the golden recording grid and the human crystalline grid. The golden recording grid is also called the master or Christ grid. The evolutionarily enhancement grid is an interim grid where change and evolution happen, and it eventually affects the human crystalline grid, just as your human energy field has an interim spirit body that is the change aspect for the spirit body