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Embrace Those Who Are Different from You

Embrace Those Who Are Different from You Mother of Light and Shockara Starbeings through Blue Turtle

Mother of Light: Beloved children of light, you are growing tremendously as you meet these extraordinary events and times. In the deepest parts of your souls and humanity, you are called to meet the emerging truths being revealed through the pandemic and systemic racism. You rise to the great occasion of helping to transform humanity and the world.

Each of you is being guided by the divine energy to find your place within this horrific time and bring your gifts, talents, and blessings to the forefront for service. You know in your heart, being, and soul exactly how to act and what to do. Be open to the full possibilities of your potential.

There is a child within you reaching out in love and light to your sisters and brothers in the world to comfort, care for, and support them. This holy child knows what is needed for those who are seeking replenishment, healing, and love. Allow this special, attentive child to come forth through you and help you serve.