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You Are My Disciple

You Are My Disciple Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, you have been thinking, “I knew Yeshua in that day and time long ago. I walked with him. I listened to him. I feel a knowing of being with him.” You have been seeking and claiming the friendship that we knew, seemingly so long ago. In truth, it was not that long ago.

I will share something else you have felt. Even in what you call the past week of your timing, I passed you on the street or in the store. I was with you, but you did not recognize me. You only knew something had happened, something a little different. Then you went on your way and continued with what you were doing.

I walk with you this day and time to answer your questions. Oftentimes you find yourself wrapped in a question almost to the point that you cannot hear anything else. I knock on the door of your mind and your heart and say, “Breathe. Just stop and breathe.” Does that not feel good? It is what the body asks for and what the soul asks for — that feeling of knowing you are truly alive as the breath of spirit.