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Stand in Truth at All Times

Stand in Truth at All Times The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

This next wave of energy is different, more intense, as it travels back to Earth from a distant and future point in space-time.

Those who have ascended above the fifth gradient of the fourth dimension will experience exponential expansion that makes them feel detached from the third-dimensional world they can observe but no longer be a part of. The passing scenery looks more like a two-dimensional representation, a picture or a stage set. A tree can seem like it’s painted flat without depth or breadth, as if one small push could make it fall.

Activated Merkabah fields spin faster to create an accelerated evolutionary path as linear time speeds up. In sleep and meditation, you access the antimatter time matrix to adjust your individual past-present-future consciousness grids. Rapid manifestation is a reflection of your own frequency. Examine what you are creating.

Master Your Emotions