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You Are Separating from the Third Dimension

You Are Separating from the Third Dimension The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

As waves of plasma, or photons, continue to wash over the planet, a deluge of information is being downloaded to the crystal kingdom beneath the planet’s surface. Diamond light codes interact with the crystal kingdom and communicate information to the human pineal gland, helping to release memories of previously failed ascension cycles on other worlds. Though these may appear to be in your past, they are in fact parallel realities, or what you often refer to as timelines.

Memories of these timelines are contained within the crystalline structures of this version of Earth. Diamond light codes reflecting color frequencies of ruby, sapphire, and emerald create massive clearings of all these grid structures. Experiences from the planetary akasha are being released in an upward spiral while, in a downward spiral, individually personalized human axi-a-tonal grid systems also clear the memories of these events from the physical and etheric (incarnate) structures. This is for the activation of twelve-strand DNA.

However, there is indeed a difference between receiving these diamond light codes and activating them. It is the same way that receiving energetic downloads, or integrations, and assimilating them are different processes, and it will yield different results.