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Grasp Your Opportunity for Fulfillment

Grasp Your Opportunity for Fulfillment Michel through David Reid Lowell

As I said in my previous channeling [see the September issue], I have retired, retracted from the oddities of social media, emails, and almost all other technology. I have one small laptop I use for writing and journaling. I have become an older, dated, silver-haired man who now depends on the generosity of his family and friends to humor his eccentric moments when Michel wants to get his message out. They acquiesce and respectfully accommodate my off-grid habits as I recede into my bubble of simplistic moments.

I recently lost my older Shih Tzu, Treasure. She was nineteen and such a sweetheart. Then I lost my dearest Lady, an eighteen-year-old miniature schnauzer. I was beside myself. Both passed of mouth cancer, of all things, and both passed in the winter (at different times),

The freezer came in handy. I wrapped each lovingly in shrouds with crystals, and I laid them gently in the icebox until the spring thaw, when I buried them in the yard. Each has a place of honor in the garden with rose bushes, butterfly bushes, and rhododendrons planted around them. During the summer, all sizes of humming birds flutter about their resting places. There will always be signs of love and the continuity of life. This brings me (and now Michel) to the point of our last message about dimensionality and perceptions and the dawning of a new age of reality.