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Essences of Nature: The Core of Beauty

Essences of Nature: The Core of Beauty Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Beauty is our birthright. Scientists have studied what our brains designate as beautiful and attractive. They have determined we have physical and emotional needs for what is captivating to us.

Beauty activates our neurons. It is part of nature, not the manufactured ideal of the size 2 fashion model or the cosmetic masks of enhanced color. Rather, it’s the flush of healthy skin, a sparkle in our eyes, and feeling of connection. We want to look good. We want to feel good. We want to see beautiful things. We are enchanted by the pleasure of a lush green landscape. We love the shapes, colors, and textures of nature. We want to feel the joy, vitality, and pleasure of being in the presence of great works of art. How do we access our core beauty?

To Own Who We Are

Pretty face essence is our “not feeling pretty” essence. There are times when we judge and compare. Then we feel that we don’t measure up and that something is fundamentally wrong with us. We feel the need to model ourselves on an impossible standard. We groom, pick, pluck, and alter our looks, attempting to get closer to what’s acceptable but creating a model of misery.