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Benevolent Outcomes: Ease Travel Stress

Benevolent Outcomes: Ease Travel Stress Tom T. Moore

If you plan to travel on a fall or winter vacation, be sure to request most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) for your drives, even if that’s just to the airport. Request MBOs for your check-in, your bags to arrive safely at your destination, and any TSA screenings. You can even request an MBO for an upgraded seat in coach. As soon as the airline attendants finish upgrading the frequent fliers to first class, go to the counter and ask to be seated at the front of coach class, where most frequent fliers are seated. You might as well have a nicer seat and let the airline employees have your seat at the back. You can also say out loud benevolent prayers (BPs) for all sorts of things, such as the safety of children, animals, or immigrants. Be compassionate, and you’ll raise your vibrational level.

Forgotten MBOs

Lee writes: It’s interesting how MBOs make a difference in even small ways. I almost always say an MBO before work for a good day and positive interactions with clients, so on Tuesday I was quite surprised that my day was not going as expected. It wasn’t that there were any problems or bad experiences; it was just that my day seemed a little off. That’s when I realized I hadn’t requested my usual MBO.

I finished my day as I started because I wanted to see where it would take me. I made money in sales and services but not like I had been, and the client-tech rapport was slightly off. It made for an interesting experience, and one I will definitely try not to replicate any time soon! What a difference an MBO makes.