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You Are Moving beyond the Mental

You Are Moving beyond the Mental Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, in your human experience, you are creating a vortex of Light energy, energy that can be measured. You have scientists who take sensitive readings so that they can study the energy that the body and the brain emit.

Always, even when you lay your body down to sleep and think that you have turned off most of the systems (not all of them), you are still emitting energy. You are still energizing the brain. It is still working. You might come back the next morning and remember where you have been — in a dream, you call it, yet it is as real as what you experience in the waking time. The brain is still emitting energy because you are that energy.

There are times when you go to see the big screen and are caught up in the drama, and you ask, “Oh, is it going to work out? Is he (or she) going to find the love of his (or her) life?” You are almost at the point — especially if you are in the 3D movie where you feel that you are right in the action — that you are ready to scream, “Watch out!” because you are caught up in it.