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Time Heals Everything

Time Heals Everything The Living Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

“Time heals everything,” they say. Don’t you just want to slap them sometimes? But what they say is true. Time is not a steady progression of chronological events. It is an illusion, along with everything else in your world.

The passage of time is simply an observation of matter in motion creating a series of moments. One moment can be stretched as if the measurable unit of a second feels more like a minute or an hour. An expanse of time can also be collapsed into a single now moment. A master will string a series of significant and memorable now moments together, springing from one to another like skipping over steppingstones across a fast-moving stream — matter in motion appearing as the passage of time.

You Are Masters of Time

Your experiences do not follow a linear path of chronological time, either. You don’t begin at point A and continue in a straight line until you reach point B. Your motion is cyclical, like everything in nature. The golden mean — the Fibonacci sequence — exist