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Essences of Nature: Five First-Aid Flower Essences

Essences of Nature: Five First-Aid Flower Essences Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

This is a time of year when we prepare. We prepare for weather. We prepare for health. We prepare for school. We prepare our homes. This is our hunter-gatherer time to harvest our resources and prepare for our future. It is the core of abundance to have what we need when we need it.

As we prepare physically, it is also important to prepare emotionally and energetically. Here I suggest five essences that fortify our emotional well-being and our energetic immune systems. These essences keep us whole and healthy.

To Detoxify

Crab apple essence helps us when we feel off or as if we are coming down with something. This essence is traditionally used when we feel grubby or dirty or afraid of germs. We don’t want to touch anything, or we don’t want anyone to touch us. We want to feel clean and pure. This essence is also indicated when detoxing, fasting, doing emotional cleansing work, or feeling hung-over.