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Come Together to Create a Beloved Community

Come Together to Create a Beloved Community Mahatma Gandhi through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of God, I am sending you love and joy from my core as you meet the tumultuous challenges your world is struggling through. Through your relentless commitment of standing up to economic, political, and social injustice, you will finally make breakthroughs for equality that matter and will change life for the better.

The struggle against oppression and for freedom and opportunity is arduous. You are being called to meet the most diabolical, corrupt energy that exists in the universe. It is demonic, vampiric, and destructive in its work to destroy goodness, well-being, and truth.

I call on all the healing, loving, and divine forces that move through the universe to help you all in your strife and peaceful resistance to the powers that be. That you can remain in your wholehearted clarity, balance, and joy matters as you engage these evil energies within the unconditional love energy.