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As You Grow in Spirit, Inspire Others

As You Grow in Spirit, Inspire Others Mother of Light through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of light, what a great joy you bring to me as you dedicate yourselves to the greatest good for your well-being and for all humanity. It is a pleasure to see you grow and thrive in your understanding and your gifts. By surrendering to your highest good, you allow me to serve you in my fullest capacity.

How bright and clear you are as emissaries of the light and joy! You pulsate and radiate with the highest frequencies of color and light energy moving throughout the universe. As instruments of Spirit, you cultivate the greatest care in serving those who are called to heal and transform. You have devoted yourselves fully to the highest vibration of wisdom.

Sometimes you need to take time to care for your own needs so you can be replenished and completely energized. Then you can move once again into the world where you serve as models of strength and inspiration. You will find that your sight and insights intensify as you take the best care of yourselves.