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Have the Courage to Be Authentically You

Have the Courage to Be Authentically You Michel through David Reid Lowell

Michel, what can you tell us about what is happening now and what is going to come?

So you would like us to speak of what is and what will be?

Yes, I am interested in hearing your take on current events.

Ah yes, it is much the same as it has been and much different than what you thought you knew. There are shifts within your life, as you know, but more so are the shifts within the fabric of the world you know. We will speak of this: You are concerned about children, adults, coming of age, changing, and adapting.

Continuously improve yourself. Seek what rounds you out. Explore those who think differently. With changes in society come changes in personal lives and families. Both are connected. Here you face these changes. How will you begin to discover this new life of yours? Nurturers often lose themselves in taking care of others to make up for the love that was not given them. Self-healing is needed.