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The Changing Wind Brings Communion with the Creator

The Changing Wind Brings Communion with the Creator Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde and Mother of Light and Shockara Starbeings through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of the Creator, listen to how Wolf howls in the cooling night as Grandmother Moon grows in abundant fullness. The mountain night landscape is breathtaking to behold! There is a deep quiet and stillness as we move toward winter and snow. Yet Wind gently blows its breezes as Mother Earth rests and sleeps.

Notice how the trees release their colorful leaves to coat and protect Mother Earth for the cold months ahead. Bare branches shake in the powerfully increasing winds, winding through the valleys and canyons. The ancient ones and elders are making their presence known as we come to the time of the thinnest veil.

Repair and Heal Together

Gather the full harvest with your nurturing hands, and share your bounty with your loved ones and neighbors. It has been a heartbreaking year, as people have lost sight of their communion with the Creator and have wounded themselves and others so deeply that it will take a long time to repair and heal.