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Into the New World

Into the New World Jesus through Judith Coates

Beloved one, now we shall continue with the story or history of my lifetime after the resurrection. We have spoken earlier of the sea adventure. We have spoken of being in Gaul. We have spoken of visiting with the Gypsies in Germania. We have spoken of going to Britannia. And we have spoken of the spaceships. There were times, intervals, when I knew the spaceships, and I was and am commander of some of the spaceships.

So I knew the wholeness of the universe. I knew the wholeness of holy Mother Earth; in other words, I had seen her from what you would call afar, and I had seen her as I walked and felt the energy of holy Mother Earth beneath my feet.

I advise you to go out quite often in your grass, in nature, to take off the sandals and to walk barefoot in the grass, in nature, even on the stones and the rocks and to feel the energy of holy Mother Earth. She is a living, breathing being that you have brought forth in your reality to play on.