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Essences of Nature: Good and Plenty

Essences of Nature: Good and Plenty Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

It may seem easier, or maybe it is some kind of default mechanism, for us to focus on what is wrong rather than what is right. Maybe it is a survival instinct. Maybe it is disbelief. Maybe it is a longstanding habit. What would it be like to focus on what is right with us? What if we looked in the mirror in the morning and said, "Wow! Your eyes look really clear today" or "Wow! Those vitamins seem to be improving your complexion!" Or "Wow! Things are really looking up today!"

What would that feel like? Would we feel stupid? Would we feel false? Would we feel impractical? Would we feel unprepared? How do we let our goodness come in and counterbalance our doubts and fears? How do we allow ourselves to deserve a better deal? What do we need to do to promote what we want rather than what we don' t want?

Blackberry Essence for Motivation

Blackberry essence helps us by sorting through the stumbling blocks. Think about the blackberry bush: It has big, sweet, purple blackberries surrounded by vicious little barbs that stick you no matter how careful you are. The plant' s vines are twisted and there is no clear direction to enter. We can throw up our hands and not bother with getting what we want, or we can prepare ourselves with resolve and strategy to get those juicy berries.