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The Basic Law of the Universe

The Basic Law of the Universe Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, you are now coming into a time, a part of a progression that started a good time ago — even before this lifetime, as you measure lifetimes — a progression of allowing expansion, of allowing the awakening and a feeling of lightness, of more light. That is why you see elemental darkness in what you call your political arena, in all of the areas that you look at. The darkness is coming up now in all of the dramas, and you think, "Oh, it' s getting worse," but it is not.

Cleaning Underneath to Heal

All of the things that have been swept under the carpet and held under the carpet because it was thought it was not safe to talk about them, think about them, or to bring them out into the light — all of these things are now coming out into the light in order to be healed. It is as if you have perhaps a skinned knee: It looks terrible; it is all skinned up and bruised, and you think, "What' s happening? It' s all a mess." Well, that is what you are living with in the world. It is coming to a place where it has been scraped down to perhaps the bloody bit of it and it looks pretty awful, but what it has to do now is to heal. And it is coming to a place where, if you have had what is called an infection and something has been under the skin, it has to open, and then the healing can happen. That is what you are seeing — the whole messy bit under the skin now being exposed — and that is when the healing can start. So when you hear of the infection of the world, allow yourself to know that truly the skin is being pulled back so that the healing can begin to take place.

It is happening not only in your geopolitical grouping, but also in all of the others, and because now you are coming to a threshold of understanding oneness, you are aware of all of the brothers and sisters in other geopolitical groupings who are rising up and making quite a bit of turmoil so that it looks terrible. Yet what is happening is working toward the healing.