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Connecting with Your God-Self

Connecting with Your God-Self Jeshua ben Jospeh (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, you are the maker of everything in your universe. You are the maker of all of your reality. That is a bit much to grasp, because you have been taught through what seems to have been eons of time that you were just a small speck, unworthy to even think of yourself as being from the divine, unworthy to know even a name to call yourself. Can you imagine there was a time when you were not allowed and not thought to be worthy to even have a name?

Now you have come into this lifetime, and you sometimes have a great string of names, all of them descriptive of you, for you gather to yourself as a history a lineage of names. They describe who you are, where you have come from, who your genealogical parents and ancestors supposedly are and have been, what your professional title may be, and so on. So you feel that you have a long, long history — and you do. It extends even further back than what you can imagine. It goes back to the place where you knew yourself to be, just to be divine energy, forever flowing, forever creating, and forever imagining whatever you wanted to imagine.

You now stand in a place, a choice-point place where you truly have choices and you want to choose well. This has been prophesied to be a year of great changes, and there will be changes, because you will make them. You have said, "Okay, I've played this scenario long enough. I have played being unworthy. I have played being the victim. I have played being the victor. I have played all of the different scenarios that I can think of. Now I want to know peace. I want to know worthiness. I want to know ease of being. I want to know the love of others who gather round and feel my love flowing out toward them. I want to feel in the midst of love."