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Celebrate the Harvest Season and the Earth Changes in Progress

Celebrate the Harvest Season and the Earth Changes in Progress Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde through Blue Turtle

Dear children of light, the resounding monsoons have arrived in the Four Corners region of the Southwest to quench Mother Earth's great thirst and bring forth the harvest in abundance. Eagle and Owl are diligently surveying the mountain desert landscape to make sure that all living things are working in balance and receiving the bounty they need. The dancing waters are greatly appreciated in this time of intense summer heat.

This is a time for gathering in community and reconnecting with friends and loved ones at festivals, fiestas, and powwows to celebrate your roots and deep connections to one another and the Creator. Enjoy sharing your fruits and gifts, dance and sing praises to the Spirit energies and allies who guide and assist you in your daily lives, and come together as sisters and brothers who honor and serve one another.

I can feel the heartache building across America as the drought continues to plague your animals, plants, and livelihoods. Here in Mesa Verde, we are drumming and singing for the rain's abundance to fill your reservoirs, your plains, and your farms. The ancient ones know how the lack of rain necessitates vast changes in your culture and way of living.