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Your Own Unique Process of Dignified Self-Discovery

Your Own Unique Process of Dignified Self-Discovery Michel through David Reid Lowell

It takes commitment to follow through on your ambitions and subsequent contentment and fully grow within your career or craft, advancing yourself by achieving a level of respect and professionalism. You know what you need; you just need to let yourself follow your natural instinct. You stop growing when you become complacent , and you stop wanting to learn anything new as you think you already know everything.

Learning to Use the Perspectives of Others

If you think you have tried and met with failure, stop and think, “Okay, I’ll try again from a different perspective and keep trying until I find a way to master this.” If you give up, you are giving up on yourself, and more than likely you are also giving up on what it is you really want. Perspectives hold truthful information about yourself and others. To succeed, you must be able to hear what other people are saying without personally owning it. This is about understanding others through their perspectives.

Now, in our sharing this with you, we will speak to you about yourself—that is, the designation you know as you. Within this lifetime, you are a person who has been shaped by many things. These factors include your heritage, biology, socialization, education, family structure, the friends you associate with, and much more. You become molded or shaped by the experiences you have as you move through these dynamics.